Robert (Bob) J. Bylone, Jr., Executive Director, President – Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center Corporation
Robert (Bob) J. Bylone, Jr. is the Executive Director and President of the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center Corporation. (RMC).  The RMC is a non-profit organization specialized in markets development for recycled materials; to increase use of Pennsylvania’s recycled commodities.  

Bob has previous experience in county government, industry, and consulting, serving as the Schuylkill County Environmental Coordinator; Copperhead Chemical Company as a project/environmental, health, and safety engineer; and at Junkins Engineering as a project engineer.  Bob has professional experience with projects completed in over two-dozen states and 30 industry sectors.  Bob holds Master and Bachelor degrees in Environmental Engineering from Penn State University, is registered as an US Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional, is trained as an ISO 14001 auditor, and is certified as a senior level recycling professional through the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP).  Bob has served on the PROP Board of Directors, and has participated as a representative on the Recycling Organizations Council of the National Recycling Coalition.  

Bob’s professional interest is sustainable engineering as it relates to manufacturing process optimization, and his personal commitments include pointing dog training and competition, also tending to a 110-acre family farm.

The RMC is the leading Pennsylvania organization to develop recycling markets in Pennsylvania, working with environmental, technical assistance, and economic development organizations to support generators, haulers, processors, manufacturers, and end-users of recycled materials and products.  Thus, the services of the RMC begin at the demand side of the recycled materials market, not with traditional supply at the household or business.  In this role, Bob leads a state-wide team to bring markets development programming, start-up manufacture and process assistance, consultation, research, up-to-date market trend data, and outreach to Pennsylvania industry.